Opening the emoji panel made Airpods stop working, so everything with software is totally fine. Also, I checked in the console, and I’m not 100% sure, but I think Month 13 might be out of bounds. 🐶🔥

As a proud Canadian, I firmly believe that winter tires should be tax deductible.

We’ve had an Echo for three days and my two-year-old already talks to her like she’s part of the family:

Me: “Time to go to bed. Alexa, turn off the lights.”
Toddler: “No! Alexa, stop please!”

There’s probably a lesson somewhere in here about the future of interfaces.

Scaling Slack’s Job Queue: Excellent write-up on migrating a gigantic job queue to new infrastructure. It’s interesting to see that many design challenges they have I’ve also experienced on much smaller projects.

One of the best things about React is that good React comes from designing high quality data structures. This focus makes programmers better.

Adventures in parenting: can I put encyclopedic knowledge of Paw Patrol on my resume?

I’m not normally against hybrid apps (all things in moderation) but the Amazon Alexa app is not a good one. Feels like it doesn’t belong on any platform.

I really wish Create React App had better support for importing and sharing components between apps. Seems like a crazy reason to have to eject or roll your own.

Apple software quality at work.

Pill pockets are a miracle of modern science.

I’m increasingly impressed at Facebook’s initial move of defining GraphQL as a spec and not a technology. It has enabled lots of experimentation and possibilities for scaling. It was production-viable way quicker than it would have been otherwise.

I really wish the good calendar apps for iOS supported Google Calendar room booking.

Also helps that I’ve basically stopped buying furniture from anyone other than IKEA. With a destructive kid and cat, the cost benefit for anything else doesn’t seem worth it.

The IKEA VR app is mind blowing. First example of generally useful VR I’ve seen.