Took the boy to the Toronto Boat Show today. After sitting in the speedboats, it was all he was interested in. Nice to know he’s got good taste for a two-year-old. 😜

Having a kid is being blessed every day with a hotel wake up service where you can’t control when they wake you up.

I started tracking my sleep with AutoSleep and discovered I’m only sleeping four and a half hours a night. I think there might be room for improvement.

When there’s no tests or documentation and the system requirements aren’t clear, sometimes a rewrite, even if it is eventually discarded, is the fastest way to clarity.

YouTube: What the vegan creator of Peaceful Cuisine eats in a day. This is very different from my primarily cookie-based diet.

I’d love to know the background of why Chip and Pin is so fantastically difficult to implement in the US. It seems insane that mobile payments may be mainstream before Chip and Pin is common.

It’s pretty easy for “providing a valuable product for users” to turn into “designing addictive products” in a way that no longer benefits people positively. This seems like a fertile place for ethics to study.

Canada could really use a pay-per-minute dry sauna startup right about now. Pay $20 to remember what warm feels like.

I love this collection from 512Pixels of OS X wallpapers from every release upscaled to 5K so they work on modern hardware. The one from Tiger is still my favourite. The only thing they’re missing is the graphite versions.

How do all these kids shows only have a single female character. And, of course, they’re entirely clothed in pink. Does no one comment on this during development?

🎙 Sometimes it’s nice to listen to a relaxing podcast. I’m really enjoying The Incomparable’s Low Definition. It’s a bunch of friends hanging around playing a wackier version of Balderdash.

Excited to see that is a supporter of Emoji Driven Development. Screw the blockchain, I’m a firm believer that all product designs should start from a place of: “How do we get more emoji in here?”

Having a dream about my inability to sleep.

Ramp Up and Interruptions

RescueTime suggests that peak programmer hours are on average between 2pm and 6pm. This aligns with my experience that we need a solid ramp up period before being productive developers.

Once programmers have gotten going, interruptions are incredibly destructive to the tune of at least 15 minutes to ramp back up depending on memory load.

The ramp up period is so important and the cost of interruptions are so high that it’s important to find ways to defend your uninterrupted time. Book periods of work on your calendar, put up Do Not Distrub signs, get out of the office, etc.

It’s also really important for managers to monitor and defend their report’s time. If your manager isn’t doing a good job with this, it’s a good idea to talk to them about ways that they could help.

Of course, the relevant comic.

Yesterday, we used the Instant Pot to make eggs for breakfast, hot dogs for the kiddo for lunch, and risotto for dinner. At this point you could probably replace our range.

Given that it was Google that discovered Meltdown and Spectre, and hardware vendors were notified on June 1, 2017, I would have expected that the software companies would have been notified early and would have been prepared with patches (or have already shipped them).

I just noticed that the sleep sack I’ve been putting my kid in for a year has a giant warning label that says: “KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE”. I get that fire is bad, but this does not inspire confidence.

I really like this Manager’s FAQ by Henry Ward. It is overly simplistic in some places, but it’s a good starting point to think about some common manager topics.

It’s fascinating that Amazon has such a inconsistent visual style. They obviously have a legion of UX professionals, but large parts of the website and apps feel under-designed. Seems to be working for them though.

I’m really enjoying only being able to edit CSS on hosted sites. Eventually I’m sure we’ll get more power, but for the moment it feels like the CSS Zen Garden all over again (but with Typekit 😛).