The magic of the Instant Pot isn’t that it’s faster. It’s that all the recipes are hands off once you reach the pressure stage.

No, I don’t think you understand Daddy. I requested ice cream for breakfast. If ice cream is unavailable, cake is an appropriate substitute.

Still waiting for Jerry O’Connell’s big comeback.

It’s really important to read the privacy policies of these new email clients. Many of their business models are based on taking an entire copy of your emails and using what they discover about you to make money from advertisers and other 3rd parties.

Dokku is a great solution to hosting a bunch of low-traffic internal or hobby sites. It’s functionally private Heroku or git-managed Docker. Great developer experience: git push dokku and it’s deployed.

Never mind that Yarn is faster, leveraging the power of emoji makes it feel faster. 🏎💨

I really don’t like it when someone casually says that something is a “solved problem”. It conflates a binary fact with a claim about difficulty. Just because there are known solutions to a problem doesn’t mean they are trivial to implement for your business or product.

Sorry kids, Santa has a strict “no presents until the first coffee has been consumed” policy.

Perfect holiday snowfall.

There’s been a bunch of discussion about Mark Gurman’s article on Apple working on a single user experience for iOS and Mac apps. We’re not entirely sure what Apple intends here, which is leading to a lot of concerned speculation. One take (summarized well in John Gruber’s article on the subject) is that this will cause developers to port their iOS apps directly to the Mac, resulting in a mass influx of poorly designed Mac apps. “Write once, run everywhere” has never gone well.

I’d like to propose a possible middle ground suggested by React Native:

It’s worth noting that we’re not chasing “write once, run anywhere.” Different platforms have different looks, feels, and capabilities, and as such, we should still be developing discrete apps for each platform, but the same set of engineers should be able to build applications for whatever platform they choose, without needing to learn a fundamentally different set of technologies for each. We call this approach “learn once, write anywhere.”

React Native allows developers to write cross-platform iOS and Android apps, but it suggests that developers ship a different UI for each platform. It aims for parity of framework feel over parity of user interface. With a set of tools and frameworks that feel similar regardless of platform, developers can be productive and apps can easily share underlying code that is not exposed to the user interface (business logic, network code, etc.).

Maybe this is what Apple intends. Underlying framework parity (UIColor is UIColor) and a set of UI frameworks for the Mac that feel like developing with UIKit but don’t easily allow for a direct port. It might let them keep what’s great about the Mac but open up the field to more developers.

Pillow firmness and material should be an option at most hotels. It makes a huge difference to the quality of the experience.

The way my 2017 CR-V is handing driver assist in winter conditions is making me much more conservative about the timelines for fully self-driving cars. It’s not a big deal if cruise control doesn’t work when in a snowstorm. But, it’s different if your car can’t drive at all.

BundlePhobia is an incredibly good site for finding the cost of adding an npm package to a frontend. I’ve known about this for like 3 days and have used it countless times.

For all their talk about Lean, it’s pretty clear that the service people at this Honda do not practice any recognizable form of Agile.

Nothing makes me feel older than the speed at which my kid bounces back from a flu. He goes from absolute dying to his normal self in like two days. I’ll get it now and it’ll take me weeks to recover.

I appreciate the horror of the Trump Administration banning words. But if we’re going to cross that line, why can’t “cyber” be on the list.

I really wish Node had an ORM as robust and battle-tested as SQLAlchemy or ActiveRecord. has suddenly become a dangerous place for spoilers given the lack of mute filters. Feels like the old days before you could mute.

It seems to me like limiting net neutrality rules is going to backfire on the telcos as tech companies decide it’s cheaper to get into the ISP business versus paying for access (see: Google Fiber). This will disadvantage rural communities though.

The Harry’s Face Wash is surprisingly amazing. Exfoliating, not horrific for the environment, feels good, and you don’t need a lot. 4.5/5 ⭐️