All this VC money pouring into Silicon Valley is supporting the greatest minds in the world as they solve our most intractable problems. But, somehow, we still don’t have a machine that can tell the difference between sweet and sour Blackberries before you eat them.

This update addresses an issue that could cause Messages conversations to temporarily be listed out of order.

1.53 GB. Requires Restart. Why?

Unread is a fantastic RSS reader for iOS. It’s changed ownership, but the fundamental magic of Jared Sinclair’s minimalistic gesture-heavy interface is still there. It’s got the smoothest scrolling of any iOS app I use. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For more Thomas the Tank Engine insanity, this New Yorker article is a great introduction.

In this episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, Thomas wants to carry some tourist passengers, but they are too heavy for him so he will abandon them at a coal mine.

I find nothing more frustrating than a SaaS product that makes you dig to find pricing (or even worse: “Contact Sales”). You’re always trying to evaluate “What does this do?” and “For me, is it worth the price they’re asking?” Bury the price and I’m just going to leave.

I’m definitely looking forward to these OmniFocus changes. Especially being able to sort contexts.

All elected officials should have to undergo a mandatory course and certification on statistics and research methods. They should have to recertify every two years they’re in office.

📚 Does anyone have any recommendations for a Goodreads alternative? I miss Readernaut.

At this point I think Children’s Advil should probably come in a placebo formulation. Though, maybe that’s just a melted popsicle.

It really seems like installing a small security update for High Sierra should not take 20 minutes. Updates this long (and with a restart!) are just going to cause people to put off doing them.

My Micro Monday suggestion is @stewartstarbuck. I make this audible squee noise whenever I see Lancelot the giant snail in my timeline. 🐌

Rockin’ the ‘stache.

Took the boy to the Toronto Boat Show today. After sitting in the speedboats, it was all he was interested in. Nice to know he’s got good taste for a two-year-old. 😜

Having a kid is being blessed every day with a hotel wake up service where you can’t control when they wake you up.

I started tracking my sleep with AutoSleep and discovered I’m only sleeping four and a half hours a night. I think there might be room for improvement.

When there’s no tests or documentation and the system requirements aren’t clear, sometimes a rewrite, even if it is eventually discarded, is the fastest way to clarity.

YouTube: What the vegan creator of Peaceful Cuisine eats in a day. This is very different from my primarily cookie-based diet.

I’d love to know the background of why Chip and Pin is so fantastically difficult to implement in the US. It seems insane that mobile payments may be mainstream before Chip and Pin is common.